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First day

Day one of our trip and so far all is well. It doesn't look like we have forgotten anything and our flights have been on time. As usual, Mark had snags at security. At the very start, he got randomly selected for the full search and body scan. Nice trip to Seattle, got through customs ok, luggage was where it should have been and no problems until security again. Once more, Mark had to tear off everything and get well patted down.
Next hurdle was to try to get better seats on our long flight to Paris. When I checked in online yesterday there was no record of the seat reservations we had made earlier. So we went to the Delta desk and inquired about getting seats together. We had a nice agent who said that tho the flight was full she thought she would be able to make some changes. And she did! We got seats closer to the front of the plane and side by side.......bonus is that the row of three seats has only us in it! So I moved over to the other aisle and we have a seat in between us,so lots of room for Mark, despite all his griping yesterday.
We were served snacks, then hot lunch/dinner, complimentary beer and wine, free movies etc. It is now 5:45 PM and we are flying over the very northern tip of Labrador. The in flight information says eight more flying hours, it is -72F and we have a 117 mph tail wind. We will probably get in way early. So think I will try for some shut eye, Mark is already there......

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overcast 13 °C

We arrived in Paris on time and without incident. Got the bus and arrived at Montparnasse station, where we found luggage lockers to stash our stuff. We have a few hours to kill until we can get into our apartment. We have just walked up the street and had coffee (expresso) and a croissant and are taking advantage of free wifi. We are not outside as it is quite cold with a bit of wind......looking forward to Egypt I think! Time to get on the move again.

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Eiffel tower


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Mark's first thoughts

getting to Paris

We awoke post 5:00 a.m. on Thursday morning and eventually hit the hay nigh on midnight Friday night. The nine hour time differential notwithstanding, that is a long time between horizontal placement on a bed. That will no doubt be the worst of it.

When we got to the CDG airport we had a shuttle to a major metro station. We had some time to kill, so we plied the sidewalks checking this and that out. Our first digital of Paris ended up being in a squalid mini mart of a demented looking breed of tomato that for some reason struck Susan's photographic fancy. Later we found a small cafe and enjoyed what I'm sure will not be our last expresso. The place had wifi so we were able to get in touch and catch up with email. The cab ride over to our apartment was uneventful since the black guy who just happened to speak perfect French couldn't speak a word of English. To make matters worse, his B.O. was so insidious, we literally had to roll down our rear windows in order to breathe.

We were dog tired so we rested up and in no time had to get ready to meet our witness guide for a personal tour of the Louvre. To get there, we had to embark on a daunting trip on the underground metro system. Piece of cake. With a little common sense and some high school French we did fine. We had a technical glitch the first time we were trying to post this, and there, I had gone into excruciating detail about the shoes our sister was wearing. Susan thought I was nuts to mention it and it feels just too weird to begin detailing the whole thing again. Ask me later about them. What I can say is that the Mona Lisa was less than awe-inspiring but, what the heck, another thing crossed off my bucket list.

We got back quite late, but found ourselves ready for some more action, so we walked and found a great little restaurant to have a late night snack. I had detailed things here before (probably more than I had needed to), so suffice to say we had a great meal and were now ready to go to bed, which we did.

Tomorrow . . . the tower of that guy called Eiffel.

PS The first version was MUCH better--more like the Mark we all know and love! SM

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Mona at the Louvre


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